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The Future is Nutritious Space Food

Swap out produce with low nutrients content, swap in MarsRoots! Get all the nutrients you need in a convenient way. Save time and cut global food waste.

MarsRoots fruits and vegetables are picked at their ripest, when produce is packed with nutrients. In this way, MarsRoots freeze-dried foods can be even better for health than fresh foods.

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what is freeze-dried?

With freeze-drying, you’re taking out the water and leaving in the color, nutrients, aroma and flavor of the food. They taste, smell, look and are as nutritional as fresh fruit, but the water is out in freeze-drying, so it’s a crunchy item. Thus, each bite has a natural crunch and delicious, tangy flavor. It's like snacking, just healthy!

Each of our fruits have been freeze-dried at its peak of ripeness to keep the fruit as close to its original state as possible. They’re also all packed with antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, and dietary fibers that your body craves.

made of only 100%, single ingredient

Why Is This So Important For Me?

Find out the importance of nutrients HERE

Our freeze-dried fruits keep 98% of the natural nutritional value of a fresh fruit so that you don't have to sacrifice any vitamins.

Not only that! MarsRoots freeze-dried fruits provide a high source of antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers as those are all well-preserved during the freeze-drying process. We make sure that all the delicious fruity flavours, textures and aromas are preserved during the freeze-drying process.

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Vegan & Glutenfree

MarsRoots is completely

plant based and glutenfree

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98% nutrients

98% of the nutrients 

are kept after our freeze-drying process


Save money


No food waste

Cutting food is a 

delicious way of 

saving money. How?

read more HERE

Due to longer shelf-life

we store food rather than waste it. How? Read more HERE


Save time

Less washing up, less shopping, no cooking, just convenient

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100% natural

No preservatives, additives or extra sugars, just the fruit

One of the biggest benefits of freeze-dried food is its shelf-life. Plus, freeze-drying is the most successful method of food preservation.

Almost half of the world’s fresh fruits are thrown away uneaten. With our freeze-drying technology, we capture the nutrients of fresh produce in a shelf-stable form, reducing spoilage in the supply chain and helping consumers to waste less.


Freeze-dried fruits have an average shelf-life of approximately 25-30-years.

Why Is Shelf-Stable Relevant For Me?

Find out why food with a long shelf-life can actually help you and the environment HERE

We’re all about transparency - and what you see on our package labels is exactly what you get inside each pack.

Add your freeze-dried fruits to your daily routine or enjoy them on the trail during your next hike or backpacking adventure.

It takes seconds. No washing, no peeling, no waste. Just quick and healthy crunching.

You can now actually enjoy traveling carrying nutritious, delicious and handy fruit packs for any quick cravings!


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honestly, it's just fruits!

Best of all, MarsRoots freeze-dried fruits are always guaranteed to be 100% natural, without additives or preservatives. That means also no added sugar.


The only ingredients you’ll find in MarsRoots are whole fruits, freeze-dried and to retain their fiber and nutrients. Nothing added, nothing taken out except water - and that’s a promise.