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welcome to a future, where food is again as nutritious as it was in the past
"We want to make food for earth and space that is highly nutritious, shelf-stable, convenient with minimal impact on the environment"
- founder -

why we created MarsRoots

The Problem

We face several nutritional problems today and our food is not as nutritious as it was back then. Decreasing nutritional values of fruits and vegetables due to environmental conditions, and the increasing demand for sustainable food that meets modern nutritious needs shaped our company.


To be honest, who takes care today of their nutrients intake at all? We simply lack the time to go for grocery shopping every day, check the table of nutrients and prepare the food at home. 


Do your fruits and veggies at home even contain any nutrients at all? 

Did you know that most of the fresh produce loses 30 percent of nutrients three days after harvest?


Food that travels long distances that is prepared for supermarkets loses a substantial part of its vitamin content, especially when exposed to air or sunlight.

Every hour that goes by, their nutritional value literally withers away. We now understand that we are NOT able to eat healthily and adequately.

We all have busy lives today and what we end up picking instead of fresh fruit or vegetable are chips, sandwiches or ready-to-eat food without any nutrient content. Sadly, today's food is optimized for taste over nutrition, which is the essential value of food.

The Solution

We created MarsRoots because we need food that prioritizes nutrients, does not generate food waste, and is convenient at the same time. Plus, because MarsRoots is plant-based (only 100% fruits and veggies), it has a much lower carbon footprint than animal products.

We want to redefine food as we know it, by providing a convenience that supports healthier habits and lifestyles that meet modern nutritional needs.

supplying extremely durable and 
nutritious food to people

There’s a big enough chance that 90% of the earth’s soil is degraded within the next thirty years. At least, one-third of the earth’s soil is currently degraded and causing food supply shortages and climate-related issues.


In a world losing access to good soil, our freeze-dried products offer new source of healthy and nutritious food for all of us.


With our freeze-dried fruits and soon to be released veggies, you can gather as much as you want and stock it for periods of up to 25 years knowing that whatever time you choose to take them, they’ll still be as nutritious and as tasty as any fresh produce. 

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cutting food waste for a cleaner planet

All MarsRoots products have a long shelf life, which allows us to keep food waste to a minimum.

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that about one third of the food that is produced worldwide for human consumption is wasted. This is equivalent to circa 1.3 billion tonnes!

Fresh fruit and vegetables contribute to almost 50% of the food waste generated by EU households.

To tackle these problems in the future, we capture the nutrients of fresh produce in a shelf-stable form by freeze-drying them, reducing spoilage and helping consumers to waste less.

health meets super-convenience

We believe in a future world, where healthier ways are delicious and sustainable. Our product is backed by science and one of the oldest and best preservation techniques. Designed simply for convenience, and thoughtfully made with a greener planet in mind.

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