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how do our astronauts use their PURPLES?

"the space is the limit" when it comes to how to use MarsRoots PURPLES. Approved by our many astronauts, get inspired by their creative recipes below and try it yourself!

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spacey tea

forget about tee bags, try a tea that has a real fruit taste and 98% nutrients and vitamins!

spice up your cereals

real astronaut 


smoothies are out - froothies (freeze-dried fruits + smoothie) are in! full of nutrients, and easier to make than a smoothie with fresh fruits

bake it!

protein shakes


the perfect topping and ingredient for spacey cocktails. Better than "fresh" fruits.

Spice up your drinks with PURPLES

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highly nutritious tea

crush it!


Whizz the berries, yogurt and milk together with a stick blender until smooth. 

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health meets super convenience

"whether on the road or at home, during sports or at work. MarsRoots Purples are extremely versatile and convenient to use" 

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