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5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Freeze-Dried Fruits Instead Of Fresh Produce

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We’ve all been there: you walk into a store buying fresh apples, and as you're biting into them they start to turn bitter. You put down your apple, and turn to leave. But instead of grabbing another piece of fruit, you take another look at the label on the back of the box. It says Ripe Apples...

MarsRoots wants to help you avoid this problem by bringing to your rescue some of the best freeze-dried fruits available: those that have been freeze-dried right after being picked up at the farm.

The benefits of eating freeze-dried fruits are numerous. In addition to having an abundance of minerals and vitamins, freeze-dried foods are often free from preservatives and artificial flavors, colorings, and alcohols that can clog your arteries and make you overweight.

What follows are five reasons why eating freeze-dried fruits instead of fresh produce is a worthy pursuit.

1. Freeze Dried Fruits keep 97% of their nutritional value!

Did you know that most of the fresh produce loses 30 percent of nutrients three days after harvest?

Food that travels long distances that is prepared for supermarket lose a substantial part of their vitamin content, especially when exposed to air or sunlight. Every hour that goes by, their nutritional value literally withers away. By the time we buy fruits and vegetables, much of the nutrient content might already be gone.

Eating freeze-dried fruits instead of fresh produce may sound like an unnecessary expenditure but the fruits are perfectly edible. Fresh produce is likely to be inferior in flavor, appearance, nutrients and texture and may contain other undesirable minerals and germs. The freeze-drying process makes them much easier to process.

The fruits are basically freeze-dried at its peak of ripeness to keep the fruit as close to its original state as possible, thus 97% of the nutritional values remain in the fruit itself after the freeze-drying process. They’re also all packed with antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and dietary fibers that your body craves.

2. You Waste Less If You Eat Freeze-Dried Fruits!

Did you know, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that about one third of the food that is produced worldwide for human consumption is wasted. This is equivalent to circa 1.3 billion tonnes!

Fresh fruit and vegetables contribute to almost 50% of the food waste generated by EU households.

The freeze-drying technology captures the nutrients of fresh produce in a shelf-stable form by freeze-drying them, reducing spoilage and helping consumers to waste less. Thus a happier and healthier planet for all of us!

3. Freeze-Dried Fruits Are Just So Much More Convenient Than Fresh Produce!

Freeze-dried fruits are excellent snacks for busy people when hunger strikes or they have time-crunched lifestyles. This means there's less mental effort involved in eating them compared to fresh produce, which might end up serving as a small snack between meals or a meal prepping meal for school/work lunch at work.

They are also quite filling so there's no need to eat more frequently than necessary even if you do manage to eat them regularly throughout the day.

And the best of all uses is the ability to feel bother-free while on the road!

If you love hiking or travel alot - then you must know how irritating it feels to manage food in carry or trying to find a decent clean place for a quick snack.

With Freeze-dried fruits - you can actually enjoy traveling carrying nutritious, delicious and handy fruit packs for any quick cravings! No waste.

4. Extreme Durability:You Can Eat Freeze-Dried Fruits After 20 Years With The Same Nutritonal Value!

Freeze-Dried fruits have an extreme shelf-life! Depending on the freeze-drying process, they can be kept between 20 to 30 years! Plus, freeze-drying is the most successful method of food preservation.

They have a very long shelf-life because they are dehydrated. That means the nutrients are protected and remain in the fruit for a much longer period of time.

For some comparison reasons: Frozen food is durable up to 2 years only, canned food 3 years and dehydrated food 4 years. The difference between freeze-drying and all other preservastion methods is astounding.

5. You Can Enjoy Freeze-Dried Fruits Actually on Your Next Trip To Space!

Yes you heard me, freeze-dried food is actually astronaut food.

When you see pictures of astronauts eating freeze-dried foods, it makes you think of them not just as astronauts but as adults who know what they are doing because they have been eating this way their entire lives. If NASA sends freeze-dried food to their astronauts into space, then it must be extremely healthy, right? At the end, they want their people up there in space to be healthy and fit for a very long time.

Not only does our freeze-dried products preserve their nutritional value and extend shelf-life, but the removed water also reduces the weight significantly, which is always an important consideration for future space travels.

So, there are many reasons to consume freeze-dried fruits and vegetables against fresh produce, how you will est them is up to you.

We at MarsRoots however strive to bring nutritious, durable, convenient and healthy food to people. We try to make life easier and healthier through our products. For a cleaner and healthier planet we are always looking for the best produce that we can find, and simply freeze-dry it.

One Last Thing:

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