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How To Cook Smarter And Faster With Freeze-Dried Food

Cooking three meals a day is a hard job, and families are looking for ways to add nutrition to dinner without adding time, plus, we are living in faster times where we so busy that even cooking one meal a day at home is exhausting and time consuming. Yes i think we are thinking the same here!

That’s exactly where freeze-dried food (freeze-dried veggies and fruits) offer a much smarter and faster solution to our everyday dilemma. With a wide variety of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables available to you soon at MarsRoots, any meal can be mixed up with some simple freeze-dried additions, whether these toppings are freeze-dried vegetables or your fruits!

At MarsRoots, we always work together with local farmers we know who grow the best produce that we freeze-dry right after harvest. In our previously blog, we’ve looked at how freeze-dried fruits can be incorporated into awesome drinks.

Now we’ll explore how you can revolutionize your dinner, breakfast or your meal-preps with freeze-dried alternatives. Not only because it is so much smarter and faster, but also for a cleaner planet as you waste less when you prepare with freeze-dried food.


First of all, here’s how adding some new freeze-dried food to your pantry can bring a host of unexpected benefits.

  • Freeze-dried food limits global food waste. Because of their extreme shelf-life (up to 20 years), freeze-dried food doesn’t go bad like fresh produce. Yes, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables have an incredible shelf-life. On average, many common fruits will not last longer than a month once they’ve been harvested. While some of these fruits get eaten, up to half of these fruits get wasted — unless they are freeze-dried. Using the freeze-drying technology — through a process called sublimation — fruits lose virtually all their moisture. Moisture is one of the biggest causes of food spoilage and the absence of it can do wonders to the shelf life of fruits. Moistureless freeze-dried fruits can actually last up to 25 years. Imagine how much fruits we can save from waste! Instead of letting these fruits rot, we can preserve them for extended periods and enjoy them sometime in the future. Amazing huh?

  • Freeze-dried food increases your options and creativity in kitchen. Since freeze-dried foods are easy to store, you just have more options in hand, plus you can spontaneously decide what to cook or prepare because of the fact that you don’t have to rush first to the grocery store to buy what’s missing (oh, did i mention that you save time with freeze-dried products?) With more to use, your creativity in the kitchen goes up. Elevate any recipe or dinner menu with a wide variety of produce from your pantry. Simply add freeze-dried vegetables to your dinner and they will soak up the hot water and deliver all the nutrients and taste that was initially packed in the food right after harvest. No need to wash, peel or cut veggies again!

  • Freeze-dried products are great for meal planning. If you’re up on current trends, you know meal prepping is in. This trend of prepping meals in advance is perfect for busy families and people. But meal prepping is much more time intense as a lot of fruits and vegetables have to be bought first, washed, peeled, or cut into pieces in order to be prepared ahead. You simply don’t have this problem with freeze-dried. Add freeze-dried mushrooms, peas, broccoli, and green beans to hot water or chicken stock for a simple vegetable soup.

  • Freeze-dried food is easy to transport. yes, as all of the water is taken out of freeze-dried products, the end product is super light-weight. Just perfect for camping or backpacking. If you’re planning on taking a camping trip any time soon, consider packing lightweight freeze-dried meals to save space as well.


Yeah, you got the idea, if you want to cook delicious freeze-dried food receipes, you just need some hot water! Just throw your freeze-dried vegetables into the pot with a few tablespoons of herbs or spices.

Are you more of a salad person? Just add freeze-dried fruits that are already pre-washed and cut into pieces into your salad. They give your salad also a nice crunchyness that makes the salad much more exciting.

With so many uses for freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, dinner just got more exciting, don’t you think?

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