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Who needs food with a long-lasting shelf life? You!

Extended lockdowns, boring movies, dreadful blind dates all make the list of things we hate to stay around for more time than necessary. Add birthday hangovers to that list too.

But, you know what we want to always have around us for as long as possible?

Good, fresh, delicious, and nutritious food!

That’s why it is incredibly important for people to create and maintain access to a tremendous reliable food source. Our survival depends on it. With great healthy food comes several benefits, including long life, firmer skin and hair, faster metabolism, accelerated growth, and sweet sleep sessions!

So, yeah, healthy, tasty food is on most people’s need-to-have-that-all-the-time list.

Unfortunately, we can’t always have great food by our side all the time. Asides from the fact that you probably shouldn’t be snacking when your boss needs you to be working, there’s one other reason why you can’t get food all the time.

Natural food does not really last long! They are very likely to get spoilt within days or weeks, depending on the food type. That’s partly why 1.3 billion tonnes of food gets wasted every year.

New preservation techniques, especially freeze-drying, can actually help keep food alive much longer than it used to be. Freeze-dried foods, or spacefood or astronaut food as we call them, can even last up to 25 years without going bad one bit.

What separates freeze-dried food from the rest of the "Food Preservation Club" is how it can maintain the same taste, nutrient level, and texture of fresh fruit even if it is consumed many years later. Its incredible shelf life makes it the perfect space food.

If you’re wondering why you even need food that lasts as long as Superman, then you should bear in mind that food with a long shelf-life can help you do these:

Save money!

The cost of running the world increases every year. So does food price too. That’s what is explained as inflation. The food prices this year are likely to be higher next year.

Food with long shelf lives doesn’t get affected by inflation. Once you buy them, you can keep them and consume them whenever you want without the extra payment burden that every new year brings.

One more thing, other economic factors like scarcity can drive up food prices. No one saw the pandemic coming, but we all had to pay a little more to get stuff.

For all we know, something else might make food scarce. So, stock up with some long-lasting types of food.

Take fewer trips to the grocery store

The average person spends up to 60 hours in one year doing grocery shopping. That’s a lotta time!

If you’d like to devote more hours to more productive stuff, you really should opt-in for the sort of food that stays fresh and tasty in your pantry or fridge for as long as you want.

Also, fewer trips to the grocery store save money!

Keep your food where you want

Space food, or future food with long shelf life practically has nine lives, and you can store them almost anywhere, which increases the number of places you can gain access to your favorite food.

You can turn your office drawer into a mini-mini-mart and snack your way to astounding productivity.

Incredibly lasting shelf life all-day

The best way to get food with a great shelf life is to take the freeze-dried approach. Freeze-dried foods are smaller but just as tasty and nutritious as fresh fruits. They can literally keep you going forever.

Foods that last long help keep all the worry out and how all the great food tastes in. That’s why shelf life should be an essential requirement for you all the time!

One Last Thing:

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