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PACKS for planet&mars' SAKE!

MarsRoots has unique food packaging methods and materials that are necessary for ensuring the extended shelf life and safety of space foods.

Plus, the conditions necessary to produce a quality product are complicated and delicate, so we must use only the most reliable materials in order to ensure that our freeze-dried food maintain their flavor and integrity upon consumption. 


We choose aluminium packaging for our freeze-dried products because of its superior recyclability. It is endlessly recyclable compared to plastic and paper, while being lighter and studier than glass

Maximum safety for our freeze-dried products

The aluminum packaging of our freeze-dried products provides a complete barrier against moisture, light, and oxygen, even as a very thin foil. This preserves the quality, safety, and aroma of our food products that are packaged within it, while requiring very little material. Foods packaged with aluminum are safe from bacterial contamination, oxidation, as well as moisture and light, which can compromise product integrity.

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